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Holiday Courses

Holiday courses designed to prepare children and gain confidence – GCSE, SATs & 11 Plus

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Mock 11 Plus Exams

Our mock 11 Plus exams give children the opportunity to find out what to expect when they get to the exam room.

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Weekly Lessons

We offer weekly lessons from Key Stage 1 to GCSE in mathematics, English and 11 Plus subjects.

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Online Assessments

Online assessments for children aged 6 to 16 years in mathematics, English, verbal and non verbal reasoning.

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11+ and GCSE Easter Holiday Courses

Extra Tuition Centre offers intensive Holiday Courses to help prepare students ahead of their examinations. GCSE We offer courses in GCSE English and GCSE Maths, tailoring each of these to the specific exam boards that your child will be sitting. Students will begin the course by working through some exam papers so that key areas…


Happy parents and children

Testimonials from families

Hi, Just to let you know that Frank passed his Bexley, Kent and St Olaves 11+ selection tests and was very pleased. He will hopefully be going to Bexley Grammar where his sister is and which is where he aimed for. Thank you to all the staff who helped and supported him during his tuition which undoubtedly played a vital role in his success.
Another Success
I learnt how to simplify different ratios. I liked making friends like Libby and Amelia. They should let us have more time at break!
Making Friends
I learnt how to multiply fractions and now I am more positive. It is a quicker way than I used to do it.
More positive! Teddie age 10

How Can ETC Help Your Child Prepare for the 11 Plus?

We can help your child on their 11 Plus journey.

The Extra Tuition Centre has over 40 years of experience helping children and their families prepare for 11 Plus examinations.

  • Weekly Lessons

  • Free Online Homework and Mini Tests

  • Intensive Holiday Courses

  • Mock 11 Plus Tests

  • Paper Courses

We use badges to reward and encourage

  • Assessment Badge
  • Reassessment Star Badge
  • Course Star Badge
  • Mini Test Badge
  • Raising Level Star Badge
  • Digital Star Badge

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