Hi, Just to let you know that Frank passed his Bexley, Kent and St Olaves 11+ selection tests and was very pleased. He will hopefully be going to Bexley Grammar where his sister is and which is where he aimed for. Thank you to all the staff who helped and supported him during his tuition which undoubtedly played a vital role in his success.

Another Success

I learnt how to multiply fractions and now I am more positive. It is a quicker way than I used to do it.

More positive! Teddie age 10

I have enjoyed everything in this course, it was extremely fun and now I have more confidence in myself and I believe, with what my tutors at ETC have taught me, I will breeze though the 11+ and get all my answers correct.

P.S. Thank you for helping me.  Gus

More Confidence

I have enjoyed having Emma because she was very helpful and kind.

Helpful and Kind

“I would like it even better if there was more stuff to play with at play.

(“But I like that I learn a lot here!”)


Play Time

I feel that ETC has helped me practice and revise on all of the maths, verbal, non-verbal and English that I have learnt at school and at my tutors. And for the next 3 weeks I will be coming here. Leona B

ETC has helped me

I thought that this course improved my skills and made me feel more prepared for my 11+.

Improved Confidence

I learnt how to do long multiplication and convert decimals to percentages as well  as how to convert percentages into fractions.

I also learnt that you always have to cancel down fractions.

Long Multiplication

I really enjoyed the course! I learnt how to simplify ratios. I had lots of fun and can´t wait to go next week!

Tallulah, 10 years

I have enjoyed the verbal and nonverbal on my 11+ course. I think I have got better at everything but the thing that improved the most was verbal reasoning.

I’ve Improved, Aaron 10 years