We use Open Badges to motivate and reward the teachers, assistants and children who work with the Extra Tuition Centre. They are awarded and become part of the children’s online learning schedule so they and their parents can easily see their progress.

Staff Advanced Badge

Awarded to staff showing skills and competence – with initiative and drive to do well.

Staff Intermediate Badge

Awarded to staff confirming successful progress.

Staff Elementary Badge

New staff are awarded the badge after completing an induction and training.

Coding Potential Badge

This is a hard won badge following a demanding on-line assessment of potential.

Raising Level Badge

The badge shows appreciation of progress.

Spelling Test Badge

A Spelling Test badge is awarded after a child has used a spelling mini test to check on the breadth and understanding of a topic.

Mini Test Badge

Mini Test Badges follow demonstrations of competence in formative skills assessment.

Reassessment Badge

The Re-assessment badge is awarded after students have been tested – following an individualised program of study.

Assessment Badge

The Assessment Badge recognises the effort in completing an on-line assessment.

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Digital Star Badge

Awarded to children who have completed our online learning course.

Action Plan Badge

Awarded to children who have interacted with their personal action plan.