• How do I know if my child needs extra tuition?
    • Talk to your child’s teacher and find out how they are doing at school – the teacher will tell you if your child may benefit from extra tuition.
    • If your child is going to sit SATs, the 11+ exam or GCSEs, extra tuition to guide them through the exam process will definitely help their grades.
    • If your child has missed some school as a result of an illness or long holiday, extra tuition will help them catch up.
    • If you feel that your child is an over achiever and is not being challenged with regular school work, extra tuition is the answer to give them more stimulation and help them excel.
    • If you feel that your child lacks confidence or independence, we can help them reach their full potential.
  • What happens if we miss a lesson?

    If your child attends lessons with us and is going to miss any due to holidays, please give us a ring on 01474 321658 and we will arrange “make-up” lessons for your child at no extra cost. Alternatively, complete the form below and we will contact you shortly to confirm the new dates for your child’s classes.

  • Do you come to my home to teach?

    No, we offer courses in our Extra Tuition Centres through out the UK. Our Learning Centres are located in many sports and community centres in addition to our headquarters based in Gravesend, Kent.

  • Who will be tutoring my child?

    All ETC Tutors are qualified teachers whose background experience has been fully checked. We maintain a ratio of no more than four children to one member of staff. We also provide class room assistants in the form of A level students to aid our teachers to ensure every child has the support they need when they need it.

  • How do we get started?

    Simply contact us and we will arrange for your child’s assessment. From there we will discuss with you the best location and course for your child.

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