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ETC Action is our proprietary engine that drives the personalised lesson plans for the children who attend our centres. Through a thorough battery of assessments we attain a clear understanding of a child’s educational standard.

ETC Action takes these assessment results and creates a personalised lesson Action Plan linked to the National Curriculum. (ETC Action can also be linked to any syllabus with ease, for example we already have in place Action for the Australian education syllabus.)

The Action Plan lies at the core of the child’s learning. Parents can add comments about the progress their child is making to the Action Plan and can map out their aspirations for their child. Teachers can define strategies to be adopted. Children lay out their feelings about what they would like to learn.

The learning stages a child is guided on are available in the Action Plan. Many skills have explanations and videos for children to watch. There is a lesson history covering work a child has done on-line or in lessons.

Using Open Badges we reward achievement. They are stored in the Action Plan and can be viewed and the criteria noted.


  • The Action Plan is a safe area where children, parents and teachers can communicate.

  • The Action Plan is the place where the learning prescription is mapped out.

  • Children from different schools can join the lessons

What We Offer

  • A secure, password protected area for children to manage their learning

  • Parents have access to their child’s learning programme and can interact with the teacher

How it Works

  • The assessment results create the action plan

  • Levels and priorities are established

  • The child’s achievements are recorded

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