One of the biggest hurdles to 11 plus success is confidence. Mock exams give children the opportunity to find out how the exams will be structured and what to expect when they get to the exam room, that way it’s not so scary on the day! It’s also a great way to practice working under timed conditions.

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  • I've always had problems understanding how to do non verbal reasoning, but the teacher at the Extra Tuition Centre was really patient and helped me understand what I need to do. Now I'm much more confident and that has really helped 🙂 M. Jones Age: 9 1/2
    M. Jones
    Non Verbal Reasoning Help
  • The online 11 plus maths assessment I recently took really helped me understand what I needed to work on. Thank you! J. Boyce Age: 10 years
    J. Boyce
    Helpful Maths Assessment

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