Online and in school services

We are working with a number of schools running After School Tuition and Saturday Schools.

Easter Holiday Booster Classes

Our Easter Holiday Booster solution helps raise children up a level, building confidence and providing practice and consolidation.

Summer Lessons

We provide a fully structured Summer School solution for schools during the holidays.


English and mathematic assessments to pinpoint areas of concern.

Targeted Lessons

Targeted Lessons help children to overcome areas of weakness and knowledge and raise confidence levels.

Raising Levels in Schools

The Extra Tuition Centre provides schools with a tried and tested method to raise the attainment levels of their pupils.

Open Badges

We use open badges to motivate and reward the teachers, assistants and children who work with the Extra Tuition Centre. They are awarded and become part of the children’s online learning schedule so they and their parents can easily see their progress.

  • Assessment Badge
  • Reassessment Star Badge
  • Course Star Badge
  • Mini Test Badge
  • Raising Level Star Badge
  • Digital Star Badge
  • Coding Potential Star Badge
  • Action Plan Star Badge
  • Elementary Assistant Badge
  • Intermetiate Assisstant Badge
  • Advanced Assisstant Badge