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Situated in the beautiful surroundings of Mote Park, the Maidstone Extra Tuition Centre is ideally located in Maidstone Leisure Centre. The centre provides a safe, modern learning environment and is also easy to get to, with ample parking.

What we offer

We offer in centre mathematics and English tuition as well as GCSE and 11 Plus help for children aged 6 to 16 years. See below for more information.

Targeted lessons and group tuition builds confidence

Each child is taught in a group, but following their unique Action Plan. The combination of group learning with each child working at their own pace on their specific requirements helps improve their confidence in the class environment. Learn more about our unique approach to learning.

High teaching ratio

We have a teaching ratio of one fully qualified teacher with 2 or 3 teaching assistants, depending on group size, to help and support each child. Groups are usually 8 to 12 children in size.

Benefit from our experience

We have been providing personalised tuition to children for over 30 years, during this time we have developed a unique method of tutoring that goes to the core of your child’s education needs and helps them, step by step to reach their goals. Our lessons are personal, targeted, friendly and encouraging so children not only enjoy working with us but gain in confidence and do better at school.

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Happy Parents.

  • We have sent both our children to the Extra Tuition Centre for 11 plus preparation. I am pleased to say their preparation courses were a huge help and they both passed with flying colours!
    Happy Parents
    Fantastic 11 Plus Support

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Where we are

Maidstone Resources and Links

Stuck for things to do with the children? Here is a list of relevant and interesting sites and activities to do in the Maidstone area.

Children’s Activities/ Clubs

Maidstone Bowling Centre 
Lots of fun for the family

Mote Park 
A brilliant park complete with its own lake. There are horse riding lessons and a children’s play area for the little ones.

Marriot Tudor Park Golf Club 
Set in acres of beautiful countryside, this is the perfect place to get your youngsters into golf.

Places of Interest

Hop Farm Country Park 
There’s always something fun going on at Hop Farm Country Park. Take a look!

Museum of Kent Life 
An interesting museum chartering the way people lived in Kent.

Maidstone Schools

We support our local schools provide our educational services to the following schools in the Maidstone area.

Local Education Authority

Kent County Council Education Department 
Tel: 03000 41 21 21
Email: county.hall@kent.gov.uk

Infant Schools

Madginford Park Infant School
Tel: 01622 738351

St Michael’s CEI School
Tel: 01622 751398

St Paul’s Infant School
Tel: 01622 753322

Thurnham CEI School
Tel: 01622 737685

Primary/ Junior Schools

Allington Primary School
Tel: 01622 757350

Archbishop Courtenay Primary School
Tel: 01622 754 666

Barming Primary School
Tel: 01622 726472

Boughton Monchelsea Primary School
Tel: 01622 743596

Brunswick House Primary School
Tel: 01622 752102

Coxheath Primary School
Tel: 01622 745553

East Borough Primary School
Tel: 01622 754633

East Farleigh Primary School
Tel: 01622 726364

Greenfields Community Primary School
Tel: 01622 758538

Harrietsham CEP School
Tel: 01622 859261

Hollingbourne Primary School
Tel: 01622 880270

Holy Family RCP School
Tel: 01622 756778

Hunton CEP School
Tel: 01622 820360

Kingswood Primary School
Tel: 01622 842674

Laddingford St Mary’s CEP School
Tel: 01622 871270

Leeds & Broomfield CEP School
Tel: 01622 861398

Primary/ Junior Schools

Lenham Primary School
Tel: 01622 858260

Loose Primary School
Tel: 01622 743549

Madginford Park Junior School
Tel: 01622 738802

Mereworth Primary School
Tel: 01622 812569

Molehill Copse Primary School
Tel: 01622 751729

North Borough Junior School
Tel: 01622 754708

Oaks Academy
Tel: 01622 755960

Palace Wood Primary School
Tel: 01622 750084

Park Way Primary School
Tel: 01622 753651

Platts Heath Primary School
Tel: 01622 850316

Roseacre Junior School
Tel: 01622 737843

Sandling Primary School
Tel: 01622 763297

Senacre Wood Primary School
Tel: 01622 759864

South Borough Primary School
Tel: 01622 752161

St Francis’ Catholic School
Tel: 01622 771540

St John’s CEP School
Tel: 01622 735916

St Michael’s CEJ School
Tel: 01622 751502

St Peter & St Paul CEP School
Tel: 01622 814298

Sutton Valence Primary School
Tel: 01622 842188

Tree Tops Academy
Tel: 01622 754888

Ulcombe CEP School
Tel: 01622 842903

Wateringbury Primary School
Tel: 01622 812199

West Borough Primary School
Tel: 01622 726391

Senior Schools

St. Augustine Academy
Tel: 01622 752490

Cornwallis Academy
Tel: 01622 743152

The Maplesden Noakes School
Tel: 01622 759036

Sutton Valence Senior School
Tel: 01622 845200

St Simon Stock Catholic School
Tel: 01622 754551

Swadelands School – Specialist Sch. & Sports Coll.
Tel: 01622 858267

Valley Park Community School
Tel: 01622 679421

Grammar Schools

Invicta Grammar School
Tel: 01622 755856

Maidstone Grammar School
Tel: 01622 752101

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls
Tel: 01622 752103

Oakwood Park Grammar School
Tel: 01622 726683

Specialist Schools

Bower Grove School
Tel: 01622 726773

Five Acre Wood School
Tel: 01622 743925