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Located in the Crook Log Leisure Centre, the Bexleyheath Extra Tuition Centre has excellent facilities and provides a safe,enjoyable learning environment.

What we offer

We offer in centre mathematics and English tuition as well as GCSE and 11 Plus help for children aged 6 to 16 years. On Saturday mornings, we also hold a separate, specialised senior class for GCSE and Key Stage 3 students. See below for more information.

Targeted lessons and group tuition builds confidence

Each child is taught in a group, but following their unique Action Plan. The combination of group learning with each child working at their own pace on their specific requirements helps improve their confidence in the class environment. Learn more about our unique approach to learning.

High teaching ratio

We have a teaching ratio of one fully qualified teacher with 2 or 3 teaching assistants, depending on group size, to help and support each child. Groups at Bexleyheath are usually 12 to 15 children in size.

Benefit from our experience

We have been providing personalised tuition to children for over 30 years, during this time we have developed a unique method of tutoring that goes to the core of your child’s education needs and helps them, step by step to reach their goals. Our lessons are personal, targeted, friendly and encouraging so children not only enjoy working with us but gain in confidence and do better at school.

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Happy Parents.

  • We have sent both our children to the Extra Tuition Centre for 11 plus preparation. I am pleased to say their preparation courses were a huge help and they both passed with flying colours!
    Happy Parents
    Fantastic 11 Plus Support

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Where we are

Bexleyheath Resources and Links

Stuck for things to do with the children? Here is a list of relevant and interesting sites and activities to do in the Bexleyheath area.

Newspaper Links

The News Shopper
Read about local education news.

Bexley Education and School News
Keep up to date with the London Borough of Bexley education page.

Kid’s IQ Quiz
Fun quiz for children to test their intelligence.

Children’s Activities/ Clubs

Danson Splash Park
A fun idea for sunny days!

Bexleyheath Scouts
Join up and learn all about the great outdoors.

Brownies/ Girl-Guides
Run by the St. John Vianney Catholic Church. Looks like fun!

Crook Log Leisure Centre
Excellent facilities with lots of clubs and events for everyone. Highly recommended.

Places of Interest

Danson Park
A popular park with many attractions and activities.

Visit Bexley
Information on interesting places to visit in and around Bexley.

Bexleyheath Schools

We support our local schools provide our educational services to the following schools in the Bexleyheath area.

Local Education Authority

Bexleyheath Education Authority
Tel: 0208 303 7777
Email: schooladmissions@bexley.gov.uk

Primary/ Junior Schools

Barrington Primary
020 8304 0242

Brampton Primary School
020 8303 2873

Bursted Wood Primary School
020 8304 9960

Crook Log Primary School
020 8303 9203

Gravel Hill Primary School
01322 521 343

Hurst Road primary School
020 8303 2688

Mayplace Primary School
01322 523 256

Old Bexley CE Primary School
01322 522 867

Pelham Primary School
020 8303 6556

St Thomas More Catholic Primary
020 8303 8322

Upland Primary
020 8303 2175

Upton Primary School
020 8303 7266

Senior Schools

Bexleyheath Academy
020 8303 5696

Blackfen School for Girls
020 8303 1887

The Business Academy
020 8320 4800

Cleeve Park Secondary School
020 8302 6418

Erith School
01322 348231

Hurstmere Foundation School
020 8300 5665

St. Catherine’s Catholic School for Girls
01322 556333

St. Columba’s Catholic Boys School 
01322 553236

Trinity School 
01322 441371

Welling School
020 8304 8531